Welcome to the world of Freedom.

Freedom is a beautiful and meaningful word that summarizes both the past and future - freedom from bondage and freedom for achieving our dreams. Freedom, not only signifies our state of being but also imparts the need of responsibility and accountability of using freedom to express, act and elevate ourselves and this universe.

It is my dream to write something, first to improve myself. I want to constantly reinvent myself and it requires continuous learning and constant unlearning of my conditionings. During my journey, I intend to document my experiences may it be related to self-development, leadership, business, technical or technological. It is about anything that excites me and probably excite you.

Being in Software Industry, my aspiration is to understand technology, business and people. It is easier said than done and when I look back my years of experience in software that it takes a lot and things will pan out only over a long term. It is quite essential that we continue to have focus on long term dream and yet at the same time decompose the ambition into short term goals and activities. I am just trying to do the same. A journey starts with a single step and probably in a right direction. If the direction is not right, we tend to correct it on the course.

At this point of time, i feel that it is extremely important to engage with the students' community so that i can improve my skills and also help people who badly need of it. I am open for mentoring the students. I am passionate about software, software development, photography and started to get my hands dirty with Agile.
This webpage is like the pointer in C. It points few of the initiatives and hobbies that are close to my heart.

1. My Blog - Unstuck
2. My Initiative - OpenGyan

Workshops, Lectures, Conferences

Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan,
Nov 9, 2013, 6:43 AM