The expression is the highest form of human evolution. A painting, an invention, a tasty food, a photo, the music and several other creative things. The creativity borns out of passion. Someone says a constant exposure in a specific area with focus brings two things - the expertise and the creativity. The expertise is an initial output - you can call it fruit for the labor. The creativity is the perennial source - the alchemy of life. The creativity is a long process - I am talking about the creativity that has the ability to produce/alter/modify things.

Both the expertise and the creativity is an individual phenomenon - the input is passionate labor and the outcome is expertise/creativity. Hence it is very important for us to be a lifelong student. Keep learning until the last breath

Enough philosophy? I am hearing your question, why are you saying this?
I, once, did coding for my living. These days, my primary job is to put together a team that takes care of customers (that change lives of people like you and me). Being a lifelong student, I feel it is very important to get connected with like minded people, especially, who are going to jump start their career.

If you are the one, who loves to code, learn new stuff and need a mentor (a sounding board), reach out to me (prefer email - grabyourfreedom@gmail.com)

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